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I began working with Barb Bausch (Joyful Reflexology) for lingering side effects from multiple joint replacements, even after extensive post-op physical therapies.  I have begun to see some immediate improvement in my gait and stability and look forward to even more, as she continues to treat me with a multi pronged customized approach.


    She also teaches me about mind/body/spirit wellness in our quiet, enjoyable sessions.  I relax and relish the experience of her gentle, healing hands-on treatment, while I listen to her insights about what’s going on within.  I am more mindful now of how the various parts of my being and my body interact with and affect each other…and contribute to one’s sense of well-being.


    I leave every session reluctantly, glowing with endorphins, and ready for the rest of the day!


                            –––––––Jayne Adams, Okatie, SC

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